The Gambling Business Groups Objectives

The Gambling Business Group is made up of a spectrum of members ranging from the largest UK Gambling Businesses through to smaller operators, but collectively representing the majority of the UK’s gross gambling yield. Adding to this the range of members from industry support companies gives the Gambling Business Group credentials that cannot be matched in the UK.

This unique combination enables the GBG to engage with regulators, Government and government departments with a level of knowledge and experience that has to be listened to and respected. Not being wedded to any particular sector allows the GBG to take a balanced approach to its activities taking a holistic view for the benefit of the whole Gambling industry rather than championing any specific sectoral interests.  The GBG will always look to support the sector trade associations where value can be added  through alignment and collective campaigning.

We regard ourselves as a progressive and forward thinking organisation that are ‘agents for change’.  Subsequently, the GBG welcomes new members that bring in new thinking and add new dimension to the membership portfolio and help us meet our objectives.


Key Objectives;
  • Influencing future changes to regulations and improving outdated and badly written regulations.
  • Set up and arrange the management of an Industry Data Framework that is key to informing future changes
  • Engaging with Government thinking. Working with key government Ministers and Departments to improve understanding of the Gambling Industry and its value to UK Leisure and the UK Economy.
  • Helping to shape the political agenda. Ensuring that Responsible Gambling is a fundamental part of the culture of the GBG membership, working with members to protect and improve their corporate reputation. Moulding the landscape to encourage positive decision making around gambling policy.
  • Protect the long term future of our participating organisations & their employees by removing uncertainty and limiting unforeseen changes that negatively affect members businesses.
Key Areas of Focus are;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Gambling
  • Regulation & Legislation
  • Gambling Policy
  • Taxation
  • Jobs
  • Europe