Although this new website has been softly launched, initial feedback has been very positive and complimentary. In that regard I would like to extend
a big GBG thank you to Kate Chambers and her team at Clarion for making the site happen, and a similar thank you to Chris Jones and the team at SJ
Communications for their excellent creative input and contribution. But as with all things GBG, none of this happens without our unseen Amanda
beavering away in the background dealing with the detail (including this website) and making sure that members are kept up to date with everything,
all of which is very much appreciated by me and I am sure by you all too!

So now that we have our own website, I invite members to write blogs and  place notifications, messages and news links that are relevant and of value
to fellow members. All should be channelled via Amanda.

As you know, we are continually on the lookout for new members and the value of word of mouth should not be underestimated. Now there is a website with
our identity to point potential new members to, please remember to invite your business colleagues to join us.

Peter Hannibal
Chief Executive