The activities of the Machines Sub-group change with members business demands and with changes proposed or imposed by the respective regulators or Government. Any member can put any item forward for inclusion in the agenda, however the meeting needs to agree what issues are taken forwards as action points.

Regular items on the activities list are Responsible Gambling, Machine Security & Fraud and Future Regulation.

As an example; the MSG is currently working on requirements for a next Triennial Review for machines stakes and prizes, along with other appropriate changes. With a keen eye on future regulation the MSG are also looking to what should be included in the following Triennial to ensure there is a cohesive longer term strategy in place.

At the request of the members, the Machines Sub-group have also delivered a set of Protocol Standards for Ticketing and Cashless transactions in UK Machine operations. This effectively facilitates tickets or digital cash to be paid/collected from one machine and credited to another, regardless of the manufacturer to the technology driving the machine. This is the first time that this has been achieved in the UK and brings our members operations up to speed with other jurisdictions. The Protocols are not exclusive to members, although we would encourage those wanting to influence any future changes to the Protocols or any other machine related issues to become members. The Protocol Documents are available in the documents tab on this website.