Machines Security & Fraud

The issue of machines fraud and the subsequent requirement to continually improve the security of Gaming Machines and the processes in which they are operated is key to the members of the Machines Sub-group.

The machines security network is now up a running very successfully thanks in a large part to the help and support of Nigel Davis of Praesepe, part of the Gauselmann Group and also to Amos Davies, the Security Manager for Gamestec, part of the Novomatic UK Group. Nigel and Amos channel all machine fraud information to the appropriate members and organisations to ensure that appropriate action can be taken in the shortest of time periods.

The Machines Sub-group and its members were also creators of the Guidelines for PC Security published in April 2014. This was as a result of an incident of  malware that found its way into a number of PC driven machines across the country. The Guidelines will prevent a reoccurrence of a similar fraud but as technology and capabilities evolve, the Guidelines will inevitably have to be revisited. Again, the document Guidelines to PC Security is available on the documents page of this website.

For any enquiries about machines security please contact Nigel Davis at