The GBG has a sister organisation in Leaders in Licesning and Regulation (LILAR). Although LILAR has its own membership base there are a number of organisations who enjoy the benefit of being members of both BIL and the GBG.

Leaders in Licensing and Regulation (LILAR) is a specialist membership organisation focussed on the formation of a better regulatory regime for licensed goods and services in the United Kingdom. BIL membership is largely composed of leading lawyers representing the largest hospitality providers in the country, which equips the group with a unique combination of ground level insight derived from industry, and technical legal knowledge on how regulation can be compiled and improved.

This unique composition means that LILAR is not an interest group or trade association representing any particular agenda, but a group with experience in the full breadth of the licensed industries, able to take a holistic view on optimising regulation and influencing government policy, rather than being bound to lobbying on behalf of any particular sectional interest.

This neutral, practical and solution-focussed approach gives LILAR considerable credibility with Parliamentarians, Civil Servants and Ministers, arising from the recognition of our non-ideological approach and the technical excellence that BIL members can bring to bear on the policy making process. As the typical users of the regulatory process, policy makers recognise that lawyers are able to offer an invaluable perspective on how to steer the government clear of the unintended consequences of reform, and as a centre of true legal excellence, LILAR is recognised as having an invaluable perspective by the Westminster elite.

This empowers LILAR to be actively involved in forming policy and ensuring the improvement of its execution, working closely with Government and Civil Servants, offering its members front row seats to informing the debate around licensing rather than merely being subject to it. Furthermore, members are afforded the opportunity to participate in a wealth of mutual experience sharing, in regular meeting environments characterised by generosity and collaboration, enabling a mutual learning process as well as the opportunity to influence and shape policy regulation at the highest levels.

LILAR 2018 Meeting dates - all meetings start at 11.00 am 

Tuesday 23rd January at  Womble Bond Dickinson, 4 More London Riverside, London SE1 2AU
Tuesday 10th April at TLT LLP, 20 Gresham Street, London SE1 2AU
Tuesday 12th June at Kings Chambers, Embassy House, 60 CHurch Street, Birmingham B3 2QJ
Tuesday 11th September at Winckworth Sherwood, Minerva House, 5 Montague Close, London SE1 9BB
Tuesday 6th November at TLT LLP, 20 Gresham Street, London SE1 2AU